Month: June 2017

men’s dressing tips

Men’s dressing tips to look more fashionable and glamorous

Many men still do not pay much attention to the clothes they wear there is no doubt. However, they are less and less; men have surrendered to the culture of the image and know that looking good is no longer a girl thing. In the work life and in many personal areas, being happy with Read More

best way to lose belly fat fast

The Best Way to Lose Belly Fat Fast from Your Abdomen

Good news for those who want to lose belly fast … there are several types of exercises that can be done for you to achieve this purpose. In addition, something even better, is that these activities are quite simple to do and can be performed in the comfort of your home. Do you want to Read More

Sleep Better at Night Without Drugs

Quickest Way to Sleep Better at Night Without Drugs

How to sleep better at night without drugs? Getting a good night’s sleep is a highlight among the most important things you can accomplish for your overall well-being and prosperity. Satisfying sleep gives your body time and vitality to recover from daytime stresses and helps you stay sharp and centered throughout the day. On the Read More

health benefits of honey and cinnamon

Miraculous health benefits of honey and cinnamon for a healthy life

The mixture of cinnamon and honey has used for centuries in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine! Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices used in India, which known for its medicinal and beauty benefits. In addition, honey still called as “Yogavahi” in the Ayurvedic Scriptures, which means “the vector of values of healing tissues and Read More

hair fall remedies for men

Hair fall remedies for men to stop male pattern baldness naturally

A person loses about 100 hairs daily. However, some circumstances can lead to excessive hair loss, which often produces a state of anxiety or concern for the physical appearance that can even lead to depression or loss of self-esteem. In reality, there are a very limited number of effective treatments for baldness in man but Read More

benefits of daily meditation

Benefits of daily meditation practice with some easy technique

Meditation is an ancient discipline, and in a very short time, it has been able to extend itself to the daily life of many people throughout the planet. In addition, is that its benefits are so many that it is normal that every day more people decide to practice it. If you want to know Read More

Best Foods for the digestive system

Best foods for the digestive system to keep a better digestion

Before giving recommendations to improve our digestion, we must understand the real importance of the digestive system and also the best foods for the digestive system. This is the one in charge of turning food into basic nutrients for our entire body. The digestion done in two steps: first, it is mechanically and begins in Read More

benefits of playing football

Benefits of Playing Football for Mental Health and Physical Health

“A goal in cardiovascular health,” your body is dedicated to something more than chasing the ball, so your body’s effort brings results in 90 minutes. Running during this period improves the characteristics of your cardiovascular system significantly improving oxygen consumption, increasing speed and endurance. There are many benefits of playing football. The intensity and range Read More

Benefits of Seasonal Fruits

The health benefits of seasonal fruits and why we should eat it

There are seasons when only certain foods are given and clear; In addition to being fresher, there are other advantages to eating the seasonal fruits. Eating locally and taking advantage of the benefits of seasonal fruits allows you to eat organically too; Yes, believe it or not. Sometimes it can be very confusing to choose Read More

growing a long beard

How to growing a long beard fast to have a long enviable beard

Since I started growing my beard and started a beard care company, I have noticed how it has increased the popularity of facial hair. The beard world has really become modern. From models and celebrities, to what I call “the urban bearded man” -the man with the medium-bearded beard-the dense beards, in particular, are gaining Read More

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