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3 Best Panasonic Electric Shaver for Men

3 Best Panasonic Electric Shaver

The electric shaver Panasonic, is one of the most popular at this time, within the current market is emerging as one of the most successful teams harvest. Although it is a low-end product, this electric shaver generates endless positive comments from users, but we must dig deeper to obtain a truly realistic image of these all-famous shavers. It has verified statistically, that this product offers an excellent value for money; in this article, we will define 3 best Panasonic electric shaver what the weak points are and what the strengths of this.

Our purpose is to focus on its most important characteristics, and we will try to shed light on everything related to its physical structure, its functions, and practical skills.

The Best Panasonic Shavers

Panasonic is a very reliable Japanese company and never built a mediocre shaver. They have created one of the most expensive Panasonic electric shaver for men in the market. If you like, the best of everything from your shaver and money is not a problem, and then high-end Panasonic shavers may be your best choice.

Panasonic is often the one that brings the new innovative features that we see in today’s modern shavers. It has made a massive contribution to what modern shavers can do. If you are not satisfied with Panasonic, some other brands are up to your standards.

Panasonic shavers are powerful and fast. The most outstanding shavers from Panasonic are very efficient and known for offering similar closeness to a razor blade. Their first range shavers have multiple blades for a fast, smooth and comfortable shaving experience. Panasonic is the only company that has a 4-blade and 5-blade cutting system. If you are one of those who would not compromise in the vicinity, this is undoubtedly your shaver.

Panasonic electric shaver for men are not only efficient but also very comfortable. Comfort is an important criterion for every man when shaving. Actually, we opt for electric razors instead of razor blades for comfort. If we do not get the comfort or comfort, we want we can continue using the razor blade.

Finally, Panasonic shavers are very durable and you can wait in BUILT – QUALITY “to match any other popular brand. From day 1, they have never built a shaver of medium quality.

If you are looking for high and medium quality razors, you should probably start with Panasonic or Braun electric razors. Although the best of the line is quite expensive, Panasonic shavers are worth every penny and rarely disappoint you.

Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Men’s Electric Razor

3 Best Panasonic Electric Shaver 1
Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Men’s Electric Razor

The Panasonic ES-LV95-s Arc5 Electric Shaver, those of us with sensitive skin and a dense, hard beard tend to opt for electric shavers since the irritation is much less. Although I must admit that, I have never found an electric one that leaves you in a hurry as good as with the blade of all life. Usually the hairs in the neck area are more difficult to remove, but still, we manage to adapt to the disadvantages they have and we opted for the advantages that give us the electric razor.

The Panasonic ES-LV95 is the highest range of Panasonic as far as electric razors are concerned, and although it is an expensive product, it much better priced than the higher range of Braun and Philips. It has a cutting system of 5 blades (ARC5) with which the passes and the shaving time are reduced, reducing the irritation. In addition, the blades have a nanotechnology for a cut of 30 degrees that allows cutting closer to the root, in addition to multiple pivoting heads to improve adaptation and comfort in more complex areas.

Its powerful linear motor of 14000 rpm has a lot of force and reduces pulls, in addition to performing at an optimum level while remaining some battery. The machine has a shaving sensor that detects the density of the beard to vary the strength of the motor to reduce irritation in areas that do not need the maximum power for shaving.

Another feature that I like very much is that you can use it dry or wet, with and without foam, since having the IPX7 certification, it is up to submersible 1 meter (for less than 30 minutes). It has a lithium-ion battery of high quality and no memory effect, which allows it to run for 45 minutes, with a charging time of only one hour.

In addition, the Panasonic ES-LV95 razor comes with a cleaning station that allows a deep cleaning of hairs and dirt accumulated in a solution without alcohol, improving the life and performance of the machine. You do not have to carry the cleaning station if you are going to go on a trip because you can also clean it by hand, and the transport bag you bring will suit you well. If you prefer not to use the charging station, look at the Panasonic ES-LV65 model which is the same machine but without the charging station, because you will save some money.

Keep in mind that this price is with the shipping costs included whether you have Amazon Premium or not. As we have said before, this product is at its historical minimum price, so if you were looking for good and cheap electric shavers you are in luck.

Panasonic ES-LV65-S Arc5 Men’s Electric Razor

3 best Panasonic electric shaver
Panasonic ES-LV65-S Arc5 Men’s Electric Razor

Panasonic ES-LV65-S CUR5 shaver, Its structures contain five, ultra-sharp, a 14,000 rpm linear motor drive, Multi-Flex fast spin shaver head and the sensor that detects dissimilar beard thicknesses while shaving to adjust the power cut when necessary to achieve maximum smooth, uniform and relaxed results.

Elegant, masculine CUR5 fits obviously in the hand for all-out ease and control, and LCD screen shows the functions of a razor. This exceptional shaver can use for the quick shave and dry shave anytime, in the wash with foam or shaving gel. An exactness pop-up trimmer adds the finishing and the perfect details, and the entire shaver rinsed with consecutive water using the vibration method.

The CUR5 premium shaving system offers maximum intimacy and ease, ultra-sharp nanotechnologies. The blades improved to a cutting edge 30 ° sharp to cut additional efficiently and clean. The very complete, premium CUR5 represents Panasonic’s most advanced shaving.

The CUR5 premium makes it easy to shave all areas of your face. The Multi-Flex turning head and the multi-layered outer sheet and effortlessly slide, flex and axis along contours of the face, chin, neck, and jaw, so close and no problems. This trimmer gives whiskers and whiskers the faultless finish.

Instantly capture, maintain and cut the dissimilar types of hair, which make up the beard by three micro-thin sheets. The Elevator-Tech aluminum pattern-distinctly applies opposite tapered edges to increase and cut hairs which stay flat smoothly.

If you are in an urgency, the wet premium CUR5 / dry is ready to use. Use it for a quick and dry shave when the weather permits; shave in the basin or in the shower with your favored shaving gel or foam.

Panasonic ES-LA93-K, Arc4 Electric Razor

3 Best Panasonic Electric Shaver
Panasonic ES-LA93-K, Arc4 Electric Razor

The Panasonic ES-LA93-K, Arc4 Electric Razor, unit presented as a black model with the cleaning base (ESLA93K) and an autonomous silver model (ESLA63S). Both work the same.

This shaver incorporates some new features for Panasonic: 14,000-rpm engine a 2’nd motor on the head that copies the Braun blade-pulsing concept and a head that rotates up and down as Braun’s have for years (plus the usual Panasonic side to side). In addition, all the head arrangement is a little more elegant.

Dragged from the models of the past are the 4-system head, the ARC paper, and Nano-sharpened blades.

The black version is a thing of beauty. First class manufacturing with shiny, solid surfaces and perfect fit and finish. Thick body sections and plastic sheet lid. A premium product on all four sides.

The shaver is not as big as you see in the images. However, it is a factor of form greater than usual for a Panasonic. Even though it “seems” difficult to handle, once in hand it melts in like a bespoke glove and is a natural product to handle. It is heavier than other Necessity Panasonic since it is literally a second motor in the head. However, do not be burdensome.

The engine note for me is not as jarring or intrusive as other Panasonic. I think the thicker materials and more shell count for it. However, it does not come close to a rotary for being a quiet shaving experience.

The finest I have experienced, without trouble. I have had big, shaves with additional razors that feel “dry”. With the ESLA93K, my skin gets a “soft bottom baby” feeling. I have not ever, never experienced this. I have not been able to shave in any direction, which was not entirely comfortable. You just do not feel pressure. I have always been it.

An excess of the razor, they never were done. I begin to feel “done” within 3 minutes. It is fast. The trimmer it looks is exactly the same size as the trimmer on the retro Arc. It works well; it is in a rare place, got used to it immediately.

The model works well and is the vortex cake dry soap standard plus water system with a different design to accommodate the shape of the razor. The manual mentions active drying, which I do not think was the case with my cleaning base ES8228S.

It takes more than my only favorite reason for past Panasonic models of which there is a sleep mode. When returning for lunch, the shaver flashes once every 2 seconds. Blink. Blink. Blink. It makes you want to take out the razor-so what is the point of leaving it on until tomorrow. However, this is a maybe a personal whim and the unit does the job well.

The module is a nice convenience that costs less than 15 cents per day and the unit easily cleaned by washing and/or cleaning with liquid soap by the instructions in any way is easy and fast.

The unit has a nice blue glossy screen; which, shows the shaving time LED, battery remaining, I think it indicates when the cleaning is necessary and flashes a symbol replace the blade after one year. Interestingly, the LED goes off while you are shaving, but as said, the load constantly flashes when it is finished. I do not know what he thinks about these things for Panasonic.

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